Saturday, December 26, 2015

Radiohead's Rejected Theme Song for SPECTRE (2015)

Although I was not one of the (many) people that expressed dislike for Sam Smith's theme song for the new James Bond, film I did find it completely forgettable. The forgettable nature of the song points toward my problem with it though. As much as I would agree that often the score of a film works best when it is unobtrusive, that cannot be said of a theme song. No! A theme song is there to be noticed and, in the case of Bond films, to give the audience a sense of the movie that is about to unfold before them. So, in that sense the chosen tune for SPECTRE fails.

As a counterpoint we now can see and hear the song composed for the film by British rock band Radiohead and I can say that it is a major improvement. That may be because I am a huge fan of the band, but I think it better fits the tone of the credit sequence and the film that follows. Look for yourself -

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