Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Hercules Movies Poster Art

Spectacles of massive might beyond any ever known before!


Monday, January 23, 2023

Motion Comic - Agent 21 Episode 1: S.O.F.R.A.M Strikes!

Secret Agent 21 was the longest running comic strip to appear in the pages of TV Century 21. The star of the strip was a Universal Secret Service agent code-named 21 - the James Bond of the future.

Now Agent 21 is brought to life in a new motion comic digital series - in this episode, Agent 21 goes up against the Solar Organization for Murder and Revenge!

Friday, January 20, 2023

THE SHINING (1980) - Alternate Poster Art

It might be time for another visit to the Overlook.


Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Wild, Wild Podcast: Luigi Cozzi Season: Episode 4 - The Black Cat (1989) & Blood on Méliès' Moon (2016)

As our Luigi Cozzi season comes to an end, Adrian and I revisit The Black Cat (1989) and struggle to give a coherent plot summary. The film has been difficult to see for decades and we’re both happy that the recent Severin Blu-Ray makes it possible to evaluate the film on its very strange merits. We also take a quick look at Blood on Méliès' Moon (2016), Cozzi's long-awaited return to directing, and enjoy discussing his bowtie and his pyjamas.

We would love to hear from you if you have any favorite Luigi Cozzi films, or if you have questions for him. You can contact us on Twitter and Instagram or by email at Please remember to rate and review us on your podcast platform of choice! 

Sunday, January 15, 2023

The Bloody Pit #164 - FLESH AND FANTASY (1943)

FLESH AND FANTASY (1943) is a film that should be much better known both in Horror fan circles and among fans of classic cinema in general. Directed by one of the giants of French cinema transplanted to America Julien Duvivier, this film shows the care and craftsmanship of a fine storyteller working with the full resources of a major studio. Following the template he had used in his earlier film TALES OF MANHATTAN (1942), this is an anthology with three vignettes linked by a framing device with humorist Robert Benchley. But that wasn’t exactly the original vision of this movie, as we will discuss.

Troy and I return to the Universal horror films with a true outlier this time. FLESH AND FANTASY is easily the most expensive production on our list of these 1940’s films with its large budget and cast of major movie stars being just the most obvious differences from the monster sequels surrounding it. The movie uses all its resources wonderfully to present a dazzling series of visuals and at least one of the best (possibly) supernatural stories the studio would ever make. The cast is fantastic and filmmaking a delight! It is a shock how underseen and underappreciated this excellent movie has been but with a Blu-Ray release just around the corner we hope that is about to change. Join us a for an interesting conversation about the production, structure and underlying themes of this hidden gem.

The show’s email address is and we’d love to hear your thoughts on FLESH AND FANTASY or any of the movies we’ve covered. Thank you for listening and we’ll be back with an email episode very soon.

Friday, January 13, 2023

What I Watched in December 2022

In December I was alerted by my friend Jeff about the hidden gem ADULT SWIM YULE LOG (a.k.a. THE FIREPLACE) being streamable on HBOMax. I gave it a try and discovered one of the funniest and most wildly inventive slices of cinema joy I have seen in a long time. Starting out as if it is one of those simple videos of a pleasant fireplace crackling away in a cabin (in the woods) it slowly expands outward to tell a darkly comedic tale that zigs and zags in ways that are wholly unpredictable. I’m not exaggerating. This movie changes things up in bizarre ways every few minutes with each twist adding to the entire affair. In its structure it reminds me of Monty Python at their maddest with a few moments from LIFE OF BRIAN (1979) that might have been directly inspirational. I refuse to ruin the experience of this delight and will just recommend it to the curious. It is amazing!

The List 

THE YOUNG RACERS (1963) – 6 (Corman drama)

THE GODFATHER CODA (1990) – 8 (Coppola’s changes improve this finale)

THE MONSTER MAKER (1944) – 6 (rewatch)

THE SPREE (1998) – 7 (sharp cat burglar crime film)

BULLET TRAIN (2022) – 8

TROLL (2022) 9 (Norwegian kaiju film)

THE CHILDREN (2008) – 8 (rewatch)

CHARLIE CHAN IN LONDON (1934) – 7 (rewatch)

CONAN THE BARBARIAN (1982) – 8 (rewatch on the big screen)

CHARLIE CHAN IN SHANGHAI (1935) – 7 (rewatch)


GRIEVOUS BODILY HARM (1988) – 6 (Australian thriller)

DON’T OPEN TILL CHRISTMAS (1984) – 5 (an enjoyable, sleazy mess)


VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE (2021) – 6 (better than the first one at least)

DEAD END (2003) – 6 (travelling family lost on Christmas Eve – the mystery is an easy one)

ROCKY MOUNTAIN (1950) – 7 (rewatch)

STAR TREK: NEMESIS (2002) – 5 (rewatch) (not as awful as I remembered but a mess of things that never gel)

DOUBLE TARGET (1987) – 4 (Miles O’Keefe as Rambo - awesomely bad and fun because of it!)

BATMAN RETURNS (1992) – 9 (rewatch on Blu) (gets even better with age)

ADULT SWIM YULE LOG (a.k.a. THE FIREPLACE) (2022) – 8 (amazing horror/comedy)

BLOOD DELIRIUM (1988) – 6 (Euro-madness with John Philip Law)

THE AMAZING TRANSPARENT MAN (1960) – 5 (rewatch on Blu)

EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE (2022) – 8 (wonderful, heartfelt SF adventure)

GLASS ONION (2022) – 8 (not as good as the first but a very worthy Knives Out sequel)

THE LAW IN HER HANDS (1936) – 6 (Glenda Farrell)

AFRICA SCREAMS (1949) – 6 (Abbot & Costello romp on Blu)

THE BANDIT TRAIL (1941) – 6 (Tim Holt B-western)


REMAINS (2011) – 5 (standard low budget zombie tale set in Reno)



Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Maciste Poster Art!

I've recently been watching a few of these on gorgeous new Blu-Rays!