Sunday, July 04, 2010


It's that time of the month my friends, so gather round! The moon is rising and so is our favorite hairy beast. This time out Naschy indulges his love for the Monster Mash and combines two unlikely members of the classic horror gallery for a romp through swinging London. Knowing that putting these two together requires some work Naschy first takes us to the rural villages of the Carpathian Mountains for a gothic tinged introduction to our old friend Waldemar Daninksy before his trip to England in search of a cure for his problem. The grandson of the infamous Dr. Jekyll agrees to try an unorthodox (and completely nutty) method of dealing with lycanthropy, but, as is usual in a Paul Naschy script, things don’t go quite as well as our poor cursed man might hope.

This was the sixth Waldemar Daninsky adventure and it’s a good one. Once again rebooting the character from scratch we have the tortured soul hoping for deliverance from a hellish life and given some small measure of happiness by the love of a beautiful woman. It’s a shame the village people hate him so! Troy and I have a great time going through this one point by point finding pleasures both large and small even if I have to be reminded that Hombre Loco is a very different thing from Hombre Lobo!

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NaschyCast #6

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Brian Lindsey said...

Really, really enjoyed this one... Perhaps the best N-Cast yet!

Rod Barnett said...

Thank you very much! We keep trying to improve as we go along and its nice to know we might be succeeding.