Friday, July 16, 2010

HERCULES (1983) trailer

Speaking of Luigi Cozzi (as I was the other day)--


Stevie B. said...

Hey, great blog!

I noticed when you post videos they get partially cut off on one side. If you mess with the width setting in the html code it fixes that. Hope that helps.

Rod Barnett said...

Thanks Stevie! If you're referring to the videos cutting into the elements on the right side of the page I kind of prefer that. I want the image of the things I post to be fairly large and I'm not too concerned about the partial chopping of the stuff on the side. I hate it when videos on blogs are too small to see cool details without going to another page (YouTube) to enlarge it.

By the way- I like your blog as well even if I disagree with you on PREDATORS. :-)

Stevie B. said...

Thanks. Yeah , I guess I'm more of an ALIENS man.

Rod Barnett said...

Hey! Don't get me wrong. I love the ALIEN films as well. As a matter of fact they are overall much better altogether. But in a way its apples and oranges - which could have been fun in a fruit salad kind of way if a director more competent than Paul W. S. Anderson had been tapped to bring AVP to the screen.