Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Captain America and Thor production art

I know these have been posted just about everywhere in the past couple of days but I just had to share. I hope these two movies don't suck. Click to embiggen!


Brian Lindsey said...

So much could potentially go wrong with both of these movies... Were I among the filmmakers I'd perpetually be on pins & needles.

Here's hoping they manage to pull it off. I grew up with these classic comic book superheroes, and so far every live-action incarnation of them to date has been awful.

Rod Barnett said...

Yeah- both Cap and Thor have never been brought to the screen well. With Thor I can understand it. How do you tell the Asgardian tale without being silly and over the top in a bad way? But there should have been 10 good versions of Cap by now. He's as 'easy' to film as any action hero and less dark that Batman. You'd think this would have been jumped on by now.