Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Women Who Kill Me - Glenda Farrell

I first learned of Miss Farrell when I saw THE SMART BLONDE (1937) at a screening in Chicago.  The movie was a smart funny crime tale and I knew I wanted to see more of the character of Torchy Blaine and more of Glenda Farrell too. She was wonderful in the role and as I've caught up with more of her Pre-Code movie I've come to love her even more. She seemed to embody the 1930's smart-mouthed, wise cracking, worldly and intelligent dame that always got what she wanted while outmaneuvering jerks left and right.  


Anonymous said...

she was in Mystery of the Wax Museum, right?

Rod Barnett said...

yep! Right there along with Fay Wray. Also in Little Caesar with Eddie G! When I finally caught her in the Pre-code Havana Wives I knew I had to eventually see everything.