Thursday, June 09, 2011

Horror Rises From Spain

If you've been listening to the NaschyCast you've heard us mention the excellent internet radio show Horror Rises From Spain hosted by our favorite Naschy fan Elena. Broadcast at Cult Radio A-Go-Go every Saturday at 10 am PST / 1 pm EST (7pm in Spain!) the show is an hour long combination of film reviews, interviews, Spanish horror film news, music and occasionally deep looks at the bigger films of the genre. Troy and I were guests last year to talk about Paul Naschy and we were so loquacious that poor Elena had to divide our babbling up over two separate episodes. I guess this didn't scare her off because a few weeks ago she asked me to join her again along with European Trash Cinema expert David Zuzelo to discuss the third and fourth Blind Dead movies. I love the Blind Dead films with a true passion but my feelings for THE GHOST GALLEON (#3) are much less strong than for the wonderful NIGHT OF THE SEAGULLS (#4) while Elena dislikes SEAGULLS quite a bit. David Z loves them both unreservedly so you can imagine what the conversation was like!

Last Saturday was the broadcast of the show on THE GHOST GALLEON and this Saturday's episode features our discussion of the Lovecraftian NIGHT OF THE SEAGULLS. I must apologize for not alerting Bloody Pit readers last week but in the rush to get the new NaschyCast out it slipped off my radar. Tune in if you can and get an earful of three Spanish Horror fans pulling a classic apart and explaining why we love it. I guarantee it'll put a smile on your face!


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