Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Video - THE DEVIL BAT (1940)

I'm never going to claim THE DEVIL BAT is my favorite Bela Lugosi film BUT it is my favorite of his Poverty Row Horror films. It's a mad scientist lab full of crazy with Lugosi in full (slightly) secretive sinister mode which is enough to make almost anything a fun viewing experience. THE DEVIL BAT falls into the odd cinema space in my head where I can kick my brain into neutral, take it at face value and really enjoy it the way it was intended. But, I can also engage my critical faculties and swing back & forth between loving it and laughing at it. I truly love this film! 


Nick Rentz said...

Bela Lugosi was a true professional. Never phoned in a performance. I may have to watch The Devil Bat again.

Brian Lindsey said...

I love Bela's reaction to the zoology expert on the radio. ("Imbecile! Bombastic ignoramus!")