Saturday, October 14, 2017

Score for HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB to be released on CD!

In an incredibly surprising announcement Quartet Records is releasing a CD with the scores of two Paul Naschy films! The big news is that at long last the score for Naschy's classic tale of mad terror HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB is one of them. The film's music was written by Spanish composer Carmelo Bernaola who also scored COUNT DRACULA'S GREAT LOVE, HUNCHBACK OF THE MORGUE and CUT-THROATS NINE. If you've never seen HRFTT it can be difficult to describe the sound of the music but perhaps calling it a Gothic/psychedelic mixture that uses organ, strings, piano and wooden percussion will almost prepare a new listener for the experience. But not really. And since the score is only about 30 minutes long, the CD also features the complete score for a Spanish TEN LITTLE INDIANS variation in which Naschy played a small role. That just adds value to the pacakge!!

I ordered my copy immediately and if you want one you should too. There are only going to be 300 copies! Follow one of the links below to secure yours -

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