Monday, October 02, 2023

Wild, Wild Podcast Season 6 Episode 1 - Gungala, the Black Panther Girl (1968)

Grab your pith helmet, machete, mosquito netting and come with us into the deepest, darkest, fakest-looking jungle in search of the lost heiress Gungala. Yes, we're back with a brand new mini-season, taking a look at the brief burst of Jungle Girl films to come out of Italy in 1968-1969. Gungala la pantera nuda is significant for a number of reasons; the first is of course the presence of Kitty Swan in the lead role, and the second is that it was Ruggero Deodato's first jungle movie. Give him another few years and he would become infamous for what he caught on camera in the jungles of South America. Here however it's Africa, although it's mostly the De Paolis sound stages in Rome. You will struggle to tell the difference - or not.

You can read all about Kitty Swan's terrible accident and miraculous recovery in THIS ARTICLE. Or if you just want to look at lots of photos of Kitty Swan THIS LINK has you covered.

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