Sunday, December 30, 2012

1982 - Year of Summer Awesome!

I turned fourteen in 1982 and was just becoming a movie fanatic so the stunning films of that year made a major impression on me. I'm not going to say things used to be better than they are now at the multiplex but when you look at these offerings it is hard to think of a year in which more exciting adventure science fiction hit the screen.


Kal said...

Holy Crap that was a great summer. I was 17 and saw everything. Remember 2 dollar Tuesdays. Thanks for sharing.

mark said...

Oh man, that's an incredible slate of films. I think 1982 must also have been the year of the pirate - barring Blade Runner I saw all of these films first on bootleg video. Back then there was usually a 3-6 month difference between US and UK release dates, I'm guessing most kids in my school had seen ET about half a year before it made its cinema debut over here in England!