Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nazi Exploitation films - Where shall I begin?

I love exploitation films of all types. I could spend an entire week watching nothing but one kind of exploitation film after another if I had no responsibilities and all the wealth in the world. Start out with a Women In Prison series on Monday, Blaxploitation on Tuesday, Cannibal movies for Wednesday, Car Chase flicks for Thursday and Military action movies to cap things off on Friday. And that leaves the weekend for anything else that might spring to mind.

In the category of ‘anything else’ is definitely the bizarre sub-genre of Nazi Exploitation movies. Sleazy, depraved and often completely horrible and disgusting they are few people’s idea of a good time at the cinema. But for the curious they can become a fascinating trip into both the odd decade that produced them (the 1970s) and the very European view of World War II that isn’t usually seen by Americans. I’ve only seen a few including the legendary ILSA, SHE WOLF OF THE SS and it’s a class of film I don’t often feel a desire to dig into. But my recent purchase of a box set of three Naziploitation movies has me itching to check one out. I just haven’t decided which one to watch first.

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