Sunday, March 02, 2008


Back in the 1970s Theodore Sturgeon's short story KILLDOZER was made into a TV movie. I have vague memories of seeing parts of it as a kid but I know I never saw the whole thing. I surprisingly had enough time this past week to read something for fun instead of having to read a textbook for class so I pulled my copy of the complete Sturgeon Vol. 3 from the shelf and started reading it. MAN! What a great story.

It sounds ridiculous of course. An ancient, malevolent energy creature is freed from its rocky prison by a construction crew building an airfield on a Pacific island. It takes over a large bulldozer and goes on a killing rampage slaughtering as many people as it can get beneath its treads. Crazy! But boy does Ted Sturgeon make it work. I’ve got to find a copy of the TV film someday soon. A nice DVD would be good.

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