Friday, March 21, 2008

Amicus movies coming to DVD

Yet more great news of future DVD releases! It appears that several rare Amicus films will be coming out later this year from Legend Films. The big news is that one of them is THE SKULL (1965) directed by Freddie Francis. This is a very good chiller centered around the mystic powers of the titular cranium of Edgar Allan Poe and the creepy shenanigans it gets up to. It stars Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing but I haven’t seen the film in so long I can barely remember what they do or if Lee is his usual villainous self in it. The others being released include THE DEADLY BEES (also directed by Francis) which I’ve only seen via Mystery Science Theater 3000 and THE MAN WHO CHEATED DEATH which I’ve never seen.

I need to start saving my pennies immediately!

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