Monday, May 27, 2024

Naschycast - 2024 Mail Bag!

The Naschycast opens the podcast mailbag, dusts off the cobwebs and answers a few questions. Like, why have we waited so long to respond to emails! We could plead a combination of busyness and laziness but that is not an excuse worthy of our fine listeners so we simply apologize and get on with the show.

We work our way through nearly a year of messages with only a few brief trips down barely connected side roads. We discuss the golden age of bootleggers and the discoveries made during that glorious time. Troy announces an upcoming release from his Celtic band The Secret Commonwealth and Rod goes through a listing of the commentary tracks the two of us have contributed to various Blu-Ray releases. And all of this culminates in a feline squabble in the background that signals that things have gone on long enough. We wrap up the show with a tune from another of Troy’s bands, The Exotic Ones. Enjoy!

Remember, is the place to send us your thoughts and I swear we will eventually read them out – unless you don’t want us to! Thanks for listening. 

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