Thursday, April 25, 2024

Wild, Wild Podcast S7: Ep 3 - ARGOMAN (1967)

Argoman or Psychoman? That's the question posed in this episode as we take a look at the pop art-infused crazy world of Sir Reginald Hoover, noted criminologist, playboy and masked criminal. Other questions raised by this film include "Is ten minutes of pleasure worth losing your powers for six hours?" and "Can you really take over the world by being able to make metal bendy?"

The fumetti season is well underway! If you want to do some background reading on the most popular Italian comics of the sixties, there's a great resource here on Comic Vine.

We would love to hear from you if you have any favorite Italian comic or masked hero/ villain-based films, or if your hovercraft was ever forced onto the beach by a man with non-specific mind powers. Or if your hovercraft was ever full of eels. You can contact us on Twitter and Instagram or by email at You can also find our YouTube channel here.

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