Monday, July 02, 2018

SUPERGIRL (1984) Comes to Blu-Ray!

Why am I so happy that this mess of a film is coming to Blu-Ray? Because it IS such a mess! It's a disaster of huge proportions wasting so much money, talent and effort that it still - 34 years later - blows my mind that this got made. I know the producers were coming off the high of the first two Superman films and surely thought this was going to be another massive hit. They just forgot to come up with a script that was better than a Saturday morning cartoon. 

No. That's too cruel. There were Speed Buggy and Hong Kong Phooey episodes that were on par with SUPERGIRL's screenplay. Most were better but not every one was great. I'll admit that. But there is still something I like about this crap-show of a film. Part of it is watching great actors flail around trying to find something to do onscreen that won't totally embarrass them when their friends see the finished product. Part of it is trying to dope out the idiotic plotline that even Peter O'Toole can't describe well enough to register. (Do you know how bad a script has to be for Peter O'Toole to fail to bring life to it? He brought energy to PHANTOMS (1998) and that thing is moldering garbage!) 

The real reason I'm thrilled is that I can toss away my old special edition DVD of this film because this Blu will have all the versions of that release. Yes! There is more than one edit of this dreadful mess and I WANT THEM ALL! 

It's an illness. 
I should seek treatment. 

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