Monday, April 02, 2018

Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter Comic Book Series

One of my favorite Hammer films is the late period vampire action adventure CAPTAIN KRONOS (1974). Written and directed by Brian Clemens the movie had the feel of it's creator's more famous television work The Avengers but also seems right at home as a continuation of the Hammer horror world as well. It's a stylish, inventive and pretty fresh take on the bloodsucker legends that pulls in plenty of vampiric lore from different cultures and countries expanding beyond the basic European ghoul scenarios in a fun way. The fact that there was never a sequel (or twelve of them) has always been a sad fact of the genre. How could so many lesser horror films survive and thrive but this smart idea be locked away in a crypt? It is in no way fair and the desire for more tales of the good Captain have bubbled for decades.

Lucky for me, and other fans of the character, Titan Comics has begun a series telling new stories about Kronos, his researching assistant Grost and the young lady they picked up in the film adventure. In fact, Carla (played by Caroline Munro in 1974) is the narrator of the first multi-issue tale giving a clever outsider/insider angle to things as the trio travel the world stalking and killing the undead wherever they appear. The comic series is being written by Dan Abnett with art by the great Tom Mandrake. I'm really enjoying this book so far as it truly feels like a logical next chapter in Kronos' story. I can recommend this to the curious even though right now its still being published with a trade collection of the entire thing announced for publication on April 10th. I don't mind buying the individual issues as they arrive but I know others might prefer the collection later on so check the link below. Either way you read this, I think you'll enjoy it.

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