Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Screem Magazine #34 Features Paul Naschy!

Straight from the web we have news of even more Naschy presence all over the place in 2017!

 "Screem #34 explores the films of PAUL NASCHY that are now available on the Blu-ray format. Rankin Bass fan favorite MAD MONSTER PARTY celebrates its 50th anniversary, Director Roger Corman discusses films that have inspired him throughout his career, SUSPIRIA gets a 4K Blu ray restoration, Clive Barker's RAWHEAD REX rises from the moratorium mortuary, VCI Entertainment presents RUBY in a new HD print, Bob Clark's horror classic DEATHDREAM is given a special edition Blu-ray release from Blue Underground, all this and much more (plus the usual large amount of movie reviews) in the Winter edition of SCREEM MAGAZINE!" 

To keep things above board, I wrote the article featured in this issue that surveys the current crop of Paul Naschy films available on Blu-Ray. But, if that gives you pause, just look at the awesome cover painting by the great Mark Maddox. Isn't that amazing? He really put this one out of the park. 

But if you're a collector you might even want to pick the alternate cover as well that features the characters from Mad Monster Party. Mark painted that one as well proving that he really is a man of many talents. 

So, check out the order link HERE and pick up your copy today. Or look for the Naschy cover on magazine shelves at Barnes & Noble in the next few weeks. 

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