Sunday, August 02, 2009


I suspect I should be sad and weepy to learn that Hollywood will be pumping out another remake of a horror movie classic-- but I'm not. I've gotten numb to the constant onslaught of crappy films using genre greats to limp to box office success. If the crappy Stephan Sommers' MUMMY films are any indicator then Breck Eisner's attempt to craft a worthy film of another of Universal's iconic monsters will fail on every front-- except the financial return on investment for the bean counters running the studio.

Still- I'm nothing if not curious so I was happy to see the early concept art for the look of the Gill Man posted on Monster Island News. Not bad looking, really. Let's hope they write a script that is more than a half-assed Indiana Jones rip-off wrapped in pathetic, juvenile humor. For more info and another good image follow the LINK.

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