Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hammer Glamour - Barbara Shelly interview

Daily Express reporter Stephen Griffin conducts an interview with the lovely Barbara Shelly and takes the opportunity to detail some retirement information about a number of her fellow Hammer beauties. Shelley starred in seven of Hammer's movies in the 1960s including The Gorgon, Dracula Prince Of Darkness, Rasputin The Mad Monk and Quatermass And The Pit. Unlike the raven haired lady herself, I wish she had 'bared all' onscreen. Clothed she was the center of some fantastic dreams- nude she might have become an obsession!

"THE SEXY stars of the Hammer movies caused many a young man's heart to beat that little bit faster and are now celebrated in a new book. Stephen Griffin takes a look at the history of Hammer's curvaceous scream queens and Barbara Shelley, one of the greatest ladies of the genre, spoke to him about her horrifying roles."


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michael hampton said...

To all Hammer Horror fans i say onething buy this book it's great. Lovely photos good informative info about all the Hammer lovelies. There are a lot of very sexy ladies showing off their assetts in a tittilating way.But it's not pornographic ,just very stimulating.I bought this bookwhen it first came out and i often look at it.WOW !!!!