Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rosalba Neri - Euro Babe

For the second time in two weeks I was innocently watching a Euro-Cult film and there she was. Rosalba Neri! An absolutely gorgeous actress who pops up just often enough to remind me how evil & beauty can flow together with ease & grace. She makes me fear all attractive women just a little. I first noticed her in her starring role in the amazing LADY FRANKENSTEIN but this close-up from the poster art doesn't do her justice at all. Tonight I caught her in UPPERSEVEN - a Euro-Spy film from 1966 that was good fun and the last time I saw her she was a prostitute in Steve Reeves' final movie, the western A LONG RIDE FROM HELL. In both of these movies she is onscreen for a short while and then gone, but her presence lingers on for the entire running time. It has something to do with her eyes. Much like Barbara Steele there is just something riveting about those large, pretty eyes. They draw me in and make me long to be ensnared in her (probably) evil plans.

Looking over her list of credits I see that she was in many more movies that I've seen over the years. She was in Bava's Hercules in the Haunted World, Hercules Against Moloch, Hercules and the Black Pirates, Johnny Yuma, Slaughter Hotel, one of the original OSS-117 films, The French Sex Murders, Franco's 99 Women and Castle of Fu Manchu. She has a featured role in Hercules and the Black Pirates with the poster art for this one sporting an image in the top left corner that looks a lot more like the lady in question than any other artwork from her movies I've been able to find. The artist certainly captured her profile very well.

But enough of my blather. Feast your eyes on the lovely Miss Neri. A true beauty and a sign that the movie she turns up in has at least one good element to entertain the viewer.


Brian Lindsey said...

Earthy yet regal, Ms. Neri could play peasant or princess with equal aplomb. Gotta love her!

Rod Barnett said...

Once I realized Sarah Bey wasn't her real name I was even more interested in her. Who is that stunning woman, said I.

Neil D Vokes said...

Rosalba and her Neris are a long time fave of mine...;o)