Friday, August 21, 2009

Evelyn Ankers - black & white beauty

Last night I watched a Lex Barker Tarzan film and was surprised to find the radiant Miss Evelyn Ankers in a supporting role as a kind of surrogate Amelia Earhart. I shouldn't have been so surprised, really. This lovely lady has popped up in so many of my favorite movies from the 1940s that I should be more shocked when she isn't in one. This newest encounter prompted me to go on a google search for pictures of the actress and also finally to check out her list of credits on IMDB. It's an impressive list! She was in THE WOLFMAN, HOLD THAT GHOST, THE GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN, SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE VOICE OF TERROR, CAPTIVE WILD WOMAN, SON OF DRACULA, THE MAD GHOUL, THE INVISIBLE MAN'S REVENGE and a couple of the Inner Sanctum films. She is someone I'm always glad to see in a film. It's like spotting an old friend in a photo someone else is showing me.

And speaking of photos--


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