Monday, August 03, 2009

What I Watched In July

An eclectic month ranging from spy movies to science fiction to gangster flicks to crazed Asian action/horror/WTF movies. I also finally finished off the second season of Mad Men and although I know its nothing more than a well written soap opera I loved every minute.

The hands down best movie watching experience of the month was a trip to the drive-in for a double feature of two terrible films that we managed to enjoy anyway. Nothing could make TRANSFORMERS 2 worth a crap but seeing it outdoors with friends was fun.

MEGA-SHARK VS. GIANT OCTOPUS (2009)- 2 (I don’t mind bad but I do mind boring)
NIGHT VISITOR (1989)- 3 (dull horror effort)
FLIGHTPLAN (2005)- 4 (not too great- at all)
COLOSSUS OF NEW YORK (1958)- 4 (muddled script and a bad score)
TRANSFORMERS 2: RISE OF THE FALLEN (2009)- 2 (someone please kill Michael Bay)
YEAR ONE (2009)- 3 (not very funny but it has a few moments)
THE BLUE BIRD (1918)- 7 (beautiful silent fantasy)
VIGILANTE FORCE (1976)- 7 (fun modern dress western)
LAND OF THE DEAD (2006)- 7 (rewatch)
ALMOST HUMAN (1974) – 8 (rewatch)
DEADWOOD PARK (2007)- 5 (very low budget, ambitious horror film that doesn’t quite get the ball in the end zone)
THE MAD EXECUTIONERS (1963)- 8 (excellent krimi)
ENTER THE NINJA (1981)- 6 (good but over long)
THE BROTHERS BLOOM (2009)- 8 (con movie more about the people than the con)
THE BOXER’S OMEN (1983)- 7 (madness from the east)
FUCK: A DOCUMENTARY (2005)- 6 (interesting but rather surface look at our favorite swear word)
PUBLIC ENEMIES (2009)- 7 (good but not great new gangster film)
MOON (2009)- 8 (very good, smart science fiction)
THE BLAME (2006)- 7 (Spanish horror)
DEATH & DIAMONDS (1968)- 6 (Jerry Cotton EuroSpy fun)
THE BLACK CAMEL (1931)- 7 (early Charlie Chan film)
LE SAMOURAI (1967)- 8 (finally caught up with this fantastic film)
SUPERFUZZ (1980)- 3 (terrible but I kind of liked it)
TROY: director’s cut (2004)- 8 (impressive even with a miscast Pitt and a lousy pieced together score)

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