Monday, July 29, 2013

Jess Franco coverage in Fangoria

I should have alerted readers of the blog to this a while ago- even before the magazine hit the stands- but better late than never. The latest issue of Fangoria magazine has a wealth of reading for fans of Spanish Horror and Jess Franco. It even has Lina Romey on the freakin' cover! Check out the lineup- 

*FEATURE: REMEMBERING JESS FRANCO, PART ONE Producing the director’s DVDs gave David Gregory intimate access to the man himself.
*FEATURE: REMEMBERING JESS FRANCO, PART TWO Tim Lucas helped popularize the Spanish auteur while discovering him. Plus: A backyard Franco-fest!
*INTERVIEW: JACK TAYLOR Playing good or bad, he was a constant in Franco’s supernatural and sexy features.
*INTERVIEW: MARIA ROHM The leading lady of many Franco flicks remembers the director and her legendary co-stars.

That's right! Not only a piece by friend-of-the-NaschyCast Tim Lucas but an interview with the ever elusive Jack Taylor! Woo hoo! Go grab your copy today folks - I got mine at Barnes & Noble last night.

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