Friday, July 26, 2013

Star Trek comics

I don't think Star Trek was well served by the comic book industry until the pretty good run DC had in the 1980s. Marvel's brief 18 issue run was OK but suffered from following the dullest of all Trek movies - The Motion-less Picture (1979) which hung a pall over it that all the good intentions in the world couldn't raise.

The first Trek comics were the Gold Key run that lasted 11 years from 1967 to 1978 but produced only 61 issues. Not that those issues were particularly good- indeed every time I found one as a Trek loving kid I was disappointed enough to feel cheated out of my money! But in the past couple of years I've gone back to look at those almost indifferently produced books and I've found some joy in the pages. Usually that joy is in laughing at the banal, silly or often bone-dense stupid nature of the stories being told, but occasionally I have fun in a way that reminds me of the feeling I had watching the show as a kid. Not often, but often enough.

If nothing else, the covers were always fantastic!

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