Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Tarzan Animated Show

In our last NaschyCast Troy and I talked a bit about how we first became aware of the character of Tarzan and I confessed that my first encounter might have been the Filmation cartoon. The show was first aired on Saturday mornings (remember that, fellow old folks?) in 1976 and a full 36 episodes were produced. I have great memories of the show I haven't seen an entire episode in years. It seems that only one has ever been released to DVD on the Saturday Morning Cartoons Vol. 1 set but I would love the chance to get the whole run. I love that this is the rare presentation of the character that attempts to adapted him as written by Burroughs. Here Tarzan comes of as an intelligent, thoughtful man instead of a grunting moron. If you've never seen this animated version of Tarzan here are some clips from YouTube. First, the intro of the show- 

And now for the first part of one of the regular episodes- 

Wait! I think I might have that DVD set! I gotta go look on the shelf! 

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