Sunday, July 21, 2013

Star Trek images

I've been thinking about how little joy I got from STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS and trying to reason out what it is about the original series that keeps me interested all these years later. I am sure a part of my enjoyment of ST:TOS is that I saw it as a young boy and it became an ingrained way that I think about SF and entertainment itself. I mean- what else explains me getting real fun out of watch 'Spock's Brain' or 'The Way to Eden' other than the show shooting past my usual BS alarms? But I think there is something thoughtful in the old Trek that just hasn't been there in these new movies. They lack - for want of a better word- soul. Whether you think of older Trek as cheesy, silly overly simplistic tripe or as thoughtful attempts to bring science fiction to television I think we can all agree that in the beginning the characters mattered and the effects were just icing on the cake - not the other way around. I'd like to see TREK return to that one day.

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