Friday, October 18, 2013

The Bloody Pit #11 - Kolchak: The Night Stalker

Hard on the heels of the last episode of The Bloody Pit comes a second October show! In this one I team up with John Hudson once again to talk about one of our favorite television shows of all time- Kolchak: The Night Stalker. Never given much respect in its original run in 1974-75 it now stands as one of the most influential and entertaining horror series as it set the template for many things that came after it. Having a stellar cast and a smart group of creators the show should have been one of the great successes of its time but its 'monster of the week' format was seen as silly and the distain came even from the talented people  involved. Nevertheless, for those that caught this one season wonder at the time or in countless reruns, Kolchak became one of the great icons of the genre.

We hope to spread the love for this amazing, creepy and highly entertaining 70's TV classic so its great to note that the entire twenty episode run is available for streaming through NetFlix as well as in a pretty inexpensive DVD set. We also talk a little about the books, comics and short story collections that have been published over the last several years so expect some extra geeky about those subjects. If you have any comments or thoughts on this show or any previous ones please drop us a note at and we'll discuss it on a future episode. The show can be downloaded at the link below or from iTunes. Thanks!


Kelly Robinson said...

Without Kolchak, there'd be no X-Files.

Rod Barnett said...

Very true- or FRINGE which I think turned out much better than the X-FILES.

Stephen D. Sullivan said...

And without DARK SHADOWS there would have been no Kolchak, as Dan Curtis' success with DS allowed him to bring NIGHT STALKER and other great horror shows to the small screen. Yay, Dan!