Friday, October 11, 2013

The Bloody Pit #10 - Horror Radio!

As Fall weather creeps into Tennessee and October winds begin to blow leaves around the neighborhood my thoughts turn to all things scary and spooky.  Halloween is my favorite holiday and as much as I love watching horror and monster films or reading creepy stories I also enjoy listening to old radio horror shows. I usually listen to several each month during the rest of the year but in October I check out three or four a week on the old iPod!

I love sharing these very well written and well produced pieces of 'Theater of the Mind' and so with this episode of The Bloody Pit I have picked out two of my favorites for you to hear. Both are adaptations of classic horror tales - one from H. P. Lovecraft and the other from M. R. James- and both are fantastic! Casting the Runes was done in 1947 for the Escape program and The Dunwich Horror was recorded for Suspense in 1945 and you won't find finer radio shows no matter how long you search. So, settle in and listen to a couple of creepy tales of terror well calculated to keep you in...... suspense!

Please feel free to write to the podcast at to let me know you thoughts. The show can be downloaded below or gotten from iTunes. Thanks for listening! 

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