Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Goblin in Atlanta!

I and a few friends ventured down to Atlanta, GA last night to take in a show by the amazing Italian rock band Goblin and it was a magnificent concert! All the famous tunes you would expect to hear were presented and even a few surprises from early albums were in there as well. The experience of seeing this iconic music performed live was mind altering. There were stretches of time that seemed to be a dream I was simply floating through and then something would brush against me and I'd realize where I was. Wonderful!

The band played for a little over an hour and forty-five minutes with the encore being my favorite of their works for the films of Dario Argento- Profondo Russo! If you have never heard this amazing piece of music check it out below.

I hope my pre-show calls to "Bring out the ancient Italians! I demand progressive rock!" were not deemed too boorish!

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