Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Under the Moons of Mars

Earlier this month I wrote a bit about my lifelong love of Edgar Rice Burroughs' fantasy novels about the Martian adventures of John Carter. I lamented that there were only eleven tales to read and enjoy (if you don't count the various comic book stories) and talked about the joy of re-reading the first three books. Imagine my surprise when a buddy emailed me news of a new book of short stories inspired by the ERB Mars tales! Due out next year it has a pretty great list of writers including Joe Lansdale lined up to tell new stories of Barsoom! Called 'Under the Moons of Mars' each story will be illustrated by a different artist making the entire package a great way to see other's ideas of what the planet and its creatures look like. This is amazing news! Why has no one tried anything like this before? I'll provide a pre-order Amazon link below and you can check the full contents at this LINK. 2012 might be the year of John Carter of Mars, huh?


Brian Lindsey said...

Thanks for the heads-up about this!!!

Rhatfink said...

It looks incredible. I know I'm going to pre-order a copy!

Rod Barnett said...

Yeah- I'll pre-order it as well. Not a bad price!