Saturday, July 30, 2011

Werewolf for Hire

I've been doing a lot of reading this summer and almost all of it has been fun, pulpy style stuff. Oh sure- I read a couple of non-fiction books about Roger Corman and cult movies but my main diet has been horror, action, mysteries and crime fiction. I love it! I've got a stack of such books waiting for me to get to them and I only wish I could read them faster.

One book I jumped to the top of the pile was Nic Brown's first Werewolf For Hire novel 'Blood Curse'. Nic is the co-host of the B-Movie Podcast and his job on that show is to summarize the movie under examination each week without losing his mind. Some weeks he wins and some weeks he loses. The good news is that he is quite funny and his views on the films under discussion are always entertaining. Nic also maintains a website called The B Movie Man which features more reviews and several interviews with cult film stars and creators of various ages. But for me his best contribution to the world of Cult Entertainment (so far) is his first Werewolf For Hire book. I finished it a couple of days ago and I’ve been fighting the desire to buy the just released second one called 'Blood Sacrifice' immediately.

If you have any interest in supernatural fiction mixed with the private eye genre I can heartily recommend picking up ‘Blood Curse’. It’s a damned good book and well worth your dollars. Tell Nic that Rod sent you!

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