Monday, July 04, 2011

The Phantom Skull Ring!

I would LOVE to have this ring! I would hold and pet it and wear it every day. I've been a major fan of The Phantom since I was a kid reading the comic strip in the Chattanooga newspaper each day so having this ring would be one of the greatest things of all time. But, sadly, I don't live in Australia or New Zealand. And I can't really afford the price tag right now. What is the exchange rate from US dollars to Australian dollars, anyway? Damn! I want this!

Here are the details----

* Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Phantom with “The Phantom Skull Ring”, exclusively only from The Bradford Exchange
* Fully authorised and official Phantom memorabilia
* Exclusive Phantom edition is a stunning recreation of the Skull Ring worn by The Phantom
* “The Phantom Skull Ring” is hand-cast in shimmering 24-carat gold-plate
* “The Phantom Skull Ring” showcases a bed of pure black onyx from which rises the one symbol criminals fear most: the dreaded skull!
* ‘The Ghost Who Walks’ is carefully engraved on the inner band adding more authenticity to this officially authorised edition
* Arrives in a custom crafted gift box – Great Gift for a Phantom fan
* Available in ring sizes 8-15 (whole sizes only) - Please use the conversion chart to find your correct ring size.
* 120-day money back guarantee
* 4 instalments of $44.99 or $179.96 (plus shipping and services) - available only in Australia and New Zealand.

And the entire story is HERE.


Kal said...

I too am a huge fan of the Phantom. When the movie came out our local comic store gave out stainless steel replicas of his two rings to all their best customers. I only have one action figure. I wish more figures were produced.

Brian Lindsey said...

Pretty dang cool... but definitely not bargain-priced!

Maybe the ad should additionally read:

Rochel Faltus said...

It's almost hard to decide which one is more iconic: that or GL's ring. Well, the skull insignia gives the Phantom an edge here, hehe!

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