Monday, May 16, 2011

Blind Dead shirt!

In my ongoing quest to own as many shirts as possible that feature Amando de Ossorio's iconic Blind Dead creatures I can mark another success. At Wonderfest this past weekend I met artist Chris Kuchta. He had many examples of his fantastic (in two senses of that word) artwork on display and available for us monster geeks as either fine prints, key chains or T-shirts. With only the slightest of delays I grabbed up his great Blind Dead piece in shirt form and lamented that his very cool Waldemar Daninsky wasn't yet available in wearable form. Luckily the reason for this is that he has plans to add other elements to the painting before he considers it completely finished. I would be pleased with an Alaric De Marnac glaring our at me or an image from NIGHT OF THE HOWLING BEAST but any Naschy artwork is good in my view. The more the merrier. Head on over and check out his stuff. Its well worth your time.

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