Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jess Franco poster art - Part 8!

Yet another Franco sitting in my 'to watch' pile. That stack is growing higher by the week! I might need to go on a Franco watching binge.

Did I just really type that?


Curt Fukuda said...

Hi Rod,

You can probably guess that "La Venganza del Doctor Mabuse" will seem more like a Dr. Orloff film than Dr. Mabuse film. Still though, it does feature your favorite wooden actor, Jack Taylor. And (according to Mabuse expert, David Kalat), Franco's film succeeded in bringing producer Artur Brauner's Mabuse series to an end.

Best wishes on your Franco marathon.

- Curt Fukuda

Richard of DM said...

Consult your physician before attempting a Franco marathon.

Rod Barnett said...

Curt - I really groove on the Orloff stuff so that vibe is exactly what I'm hoping for. I was surprised by the post Lang Mabuse films I've seen so far and I just hope this one is par for the course.