Saturday, May 21, 2011

Peplum Poster Art

I feel a Sword & Sandal viewing is on the horizon. But which film shall I choose?


Brian Lindsey said...

I have no idea whether or not it's any good, but I'd go with MACISTE AGAINST THE MONSTERS... It's got Margaret Lee in it!

Rod Barnett said...

Well- I chose poorly and watched TH CONQUEROR OF THE ORIENT (1962). It wasn't a total loss since I can get a kick out of most sword & sandal films but it was pretty lame. The sword fights are terrible and the star (Rik Battaglia) is a blank onscreen. He has about as much presence as Sam Worthington which is to say NONE. Paul Muller is a pretty good villain but he has little to actually do.

Dan said...

I would suggest Naschy's Los Cantabros if only for Paul's rock star entry into the movie. Don't want to spoil anything so that is all I'll say. ;-)