Sunday, February 20, 2011

Riverboat TV series

Until recently I had no idea that this series existed. If someone had tried to tell me that a show once played on the old Boob Tube that starred Darren (Kolchak) McGavin and Burt Reynolds as the owner/operators of a Mississippi riverboat in the late 1800s I'd have laughed. "There can be no such show because its very awesomeness would cause a hole in reality." That's what I would have said. But damn if it doesn't actually exist! I have now seen the first episode (thank you, beloved internet) and it was pretty much as cool as I thought it would be. McGavin's Captain Grey Holden is a strong, commanding fellow with a sneaky side that I hope gets brought more to the fore over the rest of the 44 episode run. Wow! It lasted two full seasons from 1959 to 1961 and I've never even heard of it until 2011? I'm one of the world's biggest Darren McGavin fans and I missed this one? I hang my head in shame. I have much to learn and something new to add to the Wish List.

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Kal said...

I love the look on Burt's face. He is so not happy to be on that boat. But looking at the workings down in the boiler room, I want to watch more myself. I admit to being a might partial to that 'Riverboat Gambler' look. And YES, I would call my dog 'Beauregard'
...'General Beauregard'