Thursday, February 24, 2011

Behind the Scenes pictures

Rarely do I feel the desire to simply repost images I've spotted on another website but these two pictures really made me smile. Over at Ain't It Cool News the daily feature of an image from behind the scenes of classic and not-so-classic movies is something I regularly check out. Recently they posted these on consecutive days and because of my hectic schedule I saw them at the same time. I love both of these movies!

The chance to see the fairly rare image of James Arness without his THING mask/appliance is fantastic and I don't mind getting this neat peek behind the magic of LIFEFORCE either. Both of them remind me that the good old days were really great. Back then special effects were mostly practical and tactile things that had to be physically built and handled. Those were amazing days and these are amazing films.

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Brian Lindsey said...

James Arness was a VERY big dude!