Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I have never seen this film and don't know if I ever will but I'm fascinated by the fact that it was produced in something called Monogram 3-D. This was apparently some sort of dual-strip 3-D process but that's all I can discover. I wonder if it was a good or bad 3-D process? Was the film shot with things coming right at the camera or was it just used to create the illusion of depth? Is the film any good or just an excuse for silly effects?

Ah, crap! Maybe I'll try to track it down. The poster art is pretty cool.


Electric Dylan Lad said...

Have you had any luck, Rod? I've been looking for the movie also, mainly to check out the location work. It's supposedly shot in part at the Iverson Movie Ranch. The one user review on IMDb makes it sound as though it's probably not a good movie (to say the least), and it's also said to be a fuzzy picture, perhaps because of the 3-D process. I can't bring myself to shell out for overseas shipping from the one seller who does appear to offer it on DVD, which is in the UK. (

Bob Furmanek said...

We own the rights to this film and are currently doing a 3-D restoration. We hope to have it out in 3-D Blu-ray within the next six months. We have a preview trailer on our YouTube page.

The 3-D is excellent!


Bob Furmanek
3-D Film Archive, LLC