Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Barbara Eden - TV Dream Woman!

The question of which magical sitcom woman you preferred always raged when I was a kid. Barbara Eden was the hands down favorite for most of my schoolyard friends but I still give the edge to Miss Montgomery. Its only a slight edge but...... I think if I'd seen the bottom image before the age of thirteen my head would have exploded.

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Kal said...

When we returned for Germany is 1977, I spent the whole summer catching up on all the shows that were in syndication at the time. I had gone without English language TV for five years. 'Get Smart', 'Star Trek', 'Mash' and 'I Dream of Genie' were my favs. I had the big crush on Barbara Eden, Julie Newmar and Barbara Feldon.

Watched 'Gilligan's Island' too with growing anger that the rest of the castaways didn't just murder Gilligan and get off that damn island. He really messed up everything for them.