Sunday, May 03, 2009

What I watched in April

A good month for movies even if I suffered through the worst Post Apocalyptic film I've ever seen. The brilliance of BLACK BOOK made everything pale in comparison and its a film adults should go out of their way to see.

TAKE A HARD RIDE (1975)- 6 (rewatch)
NIGHT OF THE EAGLE (a.k.a. BURN, WITCH, BURN) (1962)- 8 (rewatch)
ISLAND OF THE FISHMEN (1979)- 7 (rewatch)
CRY OF THE WEREWOLF (1944)- 6 (pretty good)
HELLRAISER (1987)- 8 (rewatch)
HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER 2 (1989)- 7 (rewatch)
RENO 911: MIAMI (2007)- 5 (very uneven but has some laugh out loud moments)
MONSTERS VS ALIENS (2008) – 7 (big fun)
PROM NIGHT (1980)- 2 (dull dull dull)
LITTLE CAESAR (1930)- 7 (a bit slowly paced but riveting)
ALLIGATOR (1980)- 8 (great, well made monster film)
THE WRESTLER (2008)- 10 (amazing)
PSYCHO 3 (1986)- 6 (not bad final bow for Perkins’ Bates)
FANBOYS (2008)- 6 (OK but could have been better)
GOLDEN TEMPLE AMAZONS (1986)- 3 (silly, slow Franco jungle pulp silliness)
HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP (1980)- 7 (rewatch- this time of the slightly longer version)
BLACK BOOK (2006)- 10
CORALINE (2009)- 9
THE BAND WAGON (1953)- 8 (fantastic musical comedy-love the Film Noir dance sequence)
THE MUMMY’S REVENGE (1973)- 5 (Naschy’s mummy film is far too slow and badly dubbed but it comes to life in the final third)
THE DARK KNIGHT (2008)- 10 (rewatch) (better than ever on Blu-Ray)
THE GORGON (1964)- 7 (Hammer goodness)
WORLD GONE MAD (1933)- 6 (fun pre-code crime film)
FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2 (1981)- 5 (rewatch) (as good as the first I think)
THE INTERNATIONAL (2009)- 7 (solid thriller)
LAND OF DOOM (1986)- 1 (awful, boring post-apocalyptic snooze-fest)
GARDEN OF EVIL (1954)- 8 (fantastic western with a great cast)
A MINUTE TO PRAY, A SECOND TO DIE (1968)- 6 (good spaghetti- good cast- but needed a much better score)
HELLO MARYLOU: PROM NIGHT II (1987)- 5 (much better than the first but still only OK)
BLOOD GAMES (1990)- 7 (backwoods revenge thriller pitched just right)
CRANK 2: HIGH VOLTAGE (2009)- 7 (so far over the top it might have lapped itself)

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