Wednesday, May 06, 2009

ATOR- for no good reason.

My first encounter with the mighty ATOR was actually with ATOR 2 under the title THE CAVE DWELLERS. This was a TV re-titling and I watched it mercilessly and hysterically ripped apart by the Mystery Science Theater 3000 guys years ago. Since then I've stayed away from the many 80s CONAN rip-offs but, like a lunatic, I've begun to feel the urge to see them. All of them! So I have started to get my hands on them piecemeal with no worries that seeing them in order will help or hurt. So tonight I and a buddy stumbled our way through the third ATOR movie named IRON WARRIOR (1987). Not directly connected to the first two and directed by Italian madman/hack Alfonso Brescia it is a strange combination of attempted art pretensions masking a very low budget and silly sword & sorcery balderdash. It has next to no plot, no characterizations, no acting, poorly filmed fights, ridiculous dialog and it steals from every hit adventure film of the previous 10 years. That said- it is still a fun watch if you're in the right frame of mind. Bad movies don't get more 'WTF' inducing than IRON WARRIOR, I can assure you.

And for good measure here are the posters for the first two in this loose series. I can't wait to see them! Without the MST3K fellows heckling. I can do that myself with these.

How much Keeffe is in these movies?

MILES O'Keeffe!

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