Friday, May 29, 2009

Sonny Chiba overload!

Last night I was gifted with a late birthday present (I'm a May baby) and I must say I'm stunned. Two sets of Chiba DVDs about which I know little. The first is the complete first season of SHADOW WARRIORS which is 27 episodes of samurai action. Wrapped up with the set is another bonus DVD of two films called SHOGUN'S SHADOW and SHOGUN'S NINJA. If only it was SHOGUN'S SHADOW NINJA! Or NINJAK!

The second set is called the samurai collection and has three Chiba movies- GI SAMURAI, LEGEND OF THE EIGHT SAMURAI and NINJA WARS.

Now- as I know little about Chiba beyond the Street Fighter movies (which I love) where should I jump into this bounty of coolness? I know there have to be some folks out there who have seen most if not all of these. Where should I start?

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