Saturday, October 15, 2016

Brief Thoughts - VOODOO MAN (1944)

Because I could get it for a dirt cheap price I own the Bela Lugosi film VOODOO MAN (1944) on Blu-Ray. There is no good reason to own VOODOO MAN on Blu-Ray and there is no good reason for it to exist in a high definition format. That it does exist in HD boggles the mind of even me and I regularly moan about wanting all films of every type to be made available in the best possible form. Even major Lugosi fans (and I am one) would suggest about a dozen of his other horror films as better choices for this kind of treatment before eventually getting around to this one. But....... I am glad to have it. It's not one of Bela's best and I even prefer several of his other Poverty Row pictures to this one but it's certainly entertaining enough in a slapdash, crazed way. What other film boasts George Zucco running a rural gas station and conducting voodoo ceremonies? Or has John Carradine playing an idiot servant with the strangest jogging gait of all time? Or has the obviously evil Lugosi called in to medically treat his own victim? It's insane!

This movie is silly and it's story truly does not bear much (any?) scrutiny but it is an entertaining watch for fans of these low budget creepers. It is not great but in an odd way it is a form of comfort viewing for me. But I still can't believe it's on Blu-Ray! 


Nick Rentz said...

I probably like The Devil Bat, Return of the Ape Man, and Bowery At Midnight more than Voodoo Man. The only Lugosi poverty row movies I didn't enjoy was The Ape Man and Scared to Death.

Nick Rentz said...

Replace was with were.

Brian Lindsey said...