Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Women Who Kill Me - Helga Liné

If there is one of Paul Naschy's co-stars that never ceases to send a chill down my spine it is the incomparable Helga Liné! Indeed, discovering her in Naschy's classic horror films was a revelation as she seems to be capable of expressing so many shades of anger, contempt, derision and haughty scorn that it's a shock when she plays a character that isn't the villain of the story. Of course, once I was aware of her it was a joy to start spotting her in the occasional peplum or Euro-Spy film too. I forget which episode of the Naschycast it was in which Troy and I realized that she was forty years old when she was doffing her clothes to appear nude in these movies. I'm sure the stunned shock was nearly audible as we reworked the math repeatedly convinced we had to be wrong. What an amazing lady. 


Anonymous said...

best post ever

Rod Barnett said...

Maybe. If I had included nude shots - definitely!

Cliff said...

Ah, the lovely Helga. Here's more on her: