Wednesday, September 23, 2015

THE MUMMY'S SHROUD (1967) poster art and lobby cards

I revisited this Hammer favorite the other night and was pleased to find it a bit better than I remembered. My memory served up flashes of an obsequious Michael Ripper, some bad fake Egyptian location scenes and a mummy head crushing all of which were present. Bit the story is much more interesting than average and the suspense set pieces were solidly directed by John Gilling. Well done! 


Dick said...

I really like this movie and always felt like its a sadly underrated Hammer effort. Sure its lack of budget is painfully obvious but its got some highly imaginative Mummy kills, strong female characters and a beautiful turn by the great Michael Ripper.

Rod Barnett said...

Yes, Michael Ripper is excellent in this one. The low budget is not helpful but Gilling keeps things under control and delivers a very good little chiller.