Thursday, July 30, 2015

James Bond Board Games

Wow. I had no idea until today that there had been so many Bond board games made over the years. I've never even seen one of these outside of pictures on the internet. Wow. 


Brian Lindsey said...

Rod, do you remember the James Bond 007 role-playing system from Victory Games, circa the early to mid-1980s? Much like D&D -- only no magic spells or monsters -- but set in the Bond universe. Featured fairly detailed combat rules.

It was awesome! There were adventure modules based on a number of the movies, "sequels" to the films, and original missions as well. And I was a Gamemaster... Still have all the game books, in fact -- the Q Manual, Thrilling Cities, etc. -- plus maps, combat boards, and more.

A player could be Bond (on a solo mission), a different Double-O, or a team of MI6 agents could join together. I remember when a pal of mine played Bond in the VIEW TO A KILL adventure module... Not only did I have 007 encounter Insp. "Dirty" Harry Callahan when 007 tangled with the SFPD, but Max Zorin lived to fight another day! (He donned a parachute before battling Bond atop the Golden Gate Bridge, so his fall wasn't fatal.)

Ah, good times...

Nick Rentz said...

Do you plan on doing a Bond franchise podcast?

Rod Barnett said...

Brian- I remember the Bond role playing gam but I never played it or even knew anyone that owned it. I did play a LOT of TSR's Top Secret - which, of course, was their Bondian game. It was our second most favorite game, actually. The idea of the modules based on the films is brilliant and your revised ending for AVTAK is fantastic.

Nick- I'd love to podcast about the Bond films but I have no one that I can convince to join me on that subject. Plus, it has been podcasted about a lot!