Sunday, July 26, 2015

Gary Gygax Day!

July the 27th of this year would have been Gary's 77th birthday. As someone who spent many hours of imaginative fun playing the games he brought to the world I want to take a moment to remember him and his accomplishments. The above adventures are some of the favorites from my youth and I can still remember those afternoons and long nights, the battles waged, the mysteries solved and the thrills experienced. Thank you Mr. Gygax! 


Stephen D. Sullivan said...

Ha ha! Original B3! I'll take credit for that. I was the overseeing editor (and did some illos, too). Therein lies a long story... Worked on most of the others, too, either in original or updated editions. :-) Nice to see 'em all on your page! Glad we made you and your friends happy. :-)

Rod Barnett said...

Wow! I knew you worked on a lot of the old D&D stuff I reveled in as a kid but it's a blas be able to thank you! So, thank you! Your work was greatly appreciated by me and my group of dungeon crawlers.