Saturday, February 14, 2015

Edge: Western Adventure Novel Series Covers

I occasionally get the urge to read a western novel and when I do I invariably turn to one of the many men's adventure series that have been around for decades. The most popular ones - LongArm, Gunsmith, Slocum - are still being published today but I'm most interested in the odder series that flared up and died away like a fire that burned too brightly on the lone prairie. I started picking up a few of the Edge novels a couple of years back because of their cover description as The Most Violent Western In Print. How could I resist? Plus the cover art on all of them is amazing! 


Nick Rentz said...

Are the Edge novels violent? If so, can you describe how violent they are?

Rod Barnett said...

They are quite violent. Not that thee is necessarily more violence than a typical novel of any other western series but the violent action are described in detail. Bullet hits and their effects are explained in brutal fashion along with details about "the dry dust soaking up the dead man's blood".

Guy Callaway said...

I had the whole (North American) run at one point.
The best covers (imo) were the early titles, with art by George Gross.